Protect your e-mail from spammers/web-bots with an URL and a Captcha


TinyMailto.com lets you convert your e-mail address into a URL that is protected from spammers by a captcha test.

You can use a tinymailto URL to put it in public places like web pages, forum/e-mail signatures, etc. If someone wants to get your e-mail address, the person must pass a Captcha test in order to view and use your e-mail address.
This way, you can protect your e-mail address from spammers and web robots (web-bots).

tinymailto.com site

This site is a free, public and reliable service.

Its started as an experiment on about converting an idea into a reality. I "sometimes" have ideas of how things can work. So, this time I decided to put this idea on the web.

Right now there are many users(check the stats on the blog) and the site is in production mode.

Why I created this service?

Sometimes you need to put your e-mail address in your work, and sometimes your work is put in a web page. The problem is that spammers can get your e-mail from that web page in order to send you more SPAM.
Since many years, people have been doing some sort of "encryptions" to their e-mail address and I think not all of those "encryptions" works. The most common "encryptions" are:
The problem is that web robots, created by spammers, now can easily interpret those "encryptions", and you end up having more and more SPAM in your inbox.


What if you can have a way to show your e-mail address only to a real person? Well, this site is just for that!

Technical info

This site is hosted on NameCheap.com. The code is done in php7, DB is on mysql5 and the captcha is provided by kcaptcha and Google reCaptcha. The page is rendered in html4 with css2. Site statistics are provided by Google Analitics. Blog provided by Blogger.com. Tested with Mozilla Firefox 72 web browser. Site launched on 6/8/6 in Asuncion-Paraguay.

News and Blog

News about tinymailto.com will be posted in the Blog. You can also post comments there.
Read the blog by clicking the image bellow:
Tinymailto Blog

Contact info

Oliver Schulze L.

@2006-2024 tinymailto.com