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Usage examples of tinymailto

These are usage examples on how you can use tinymailto URLs.

Example #1: author signature in pdf files published on the web
Remember, public .pdf files will be converted to html by Google

Jhon Doe
Example.com Company

Example #2: wiki or howto publications
You can put your tinymailto URL as contact info in a howto/wiki page you made. This way people can contact you, the author of the howto/wiki page.

1. About this howto
This howto is to explain how xx can be configured to run yy. Please send me any corrections to my e-mail, at http://tinymailto.com/username

Example #3: in e-mail signature when not using primary e-mail when posting
You have an account for posting only, you use that e-mail for posting to google groups but it is not your primary e-mail address. So, put tinymailto in your signature

Example #4: in e-mail signature in a mailling list when the list archive
already encodes your real e-mail address

You write to a mailling list that has a web archive, in that web archive your e-mail is protected by deleting part of your e-mail. It is imposible to get your e-mail from the web archive.

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